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About us

HETI coordinates the education and training for NSW Health staff. We work to ensure that world-class education and training resources are available to support the full range of roles across the public health system including patient care, administration and support services.

HETI's mission is to pursue excellence in health education and training and workforce capability to improve the health of patients and the working lives of NSW Health staff.

The Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) Rural Portfolio provides opportunities to rural and remote health staff and undertakes a number of key activities including: 

  • Development of strategies and related initiatives to support the achievement of the NSW Rural Health Plan outcomes - The Plan contains recommendations to ensure Rural Health remains a priority, through community involvement, clinical leadership, and collaboration with Senior Area Health Managers in the implementation of these initiatives. The Rural Portfolio aims to provide peer support as well as providing and promoting ongoing educational opportunities to all rural and remote health staff.
  • Contributing to an effective and equitable rural health service by driving the agenda for attracting and sustaining a cohesive rural health workforce and supporting staff to improve rural health practice and service delivery.
  • Supporting rural clinicians across all stages of their careers and promoting good practice in rural health service delivery by facilitating networking; acting as a source of information for rural and remote stakeholders on rural health workforce and service issues; creating incentives for organisations to respond to perceived gaps in rural health service delivery; and providing advocacy for rural health services and the rural health workforce. It is a "virtual portfolio" with staff working across NSW.

NSW Rural Health and Research Congress 2013

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The Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) along with the Australian Rural Health Research Collaboration and NSW Health are proud to present the second NSW Rural Health and Research Congress to be held at the Glasshouse Port Macquarie 21 to 23 October 2013.
The congress, held each year in a rural NSW location, provides health staff and researchers with an opportunity to attend a high quality forum which brings together the latest information on rural health.

Delegates come from a wide range of backgrounds including nursing, medical, allied health, clinical researchers, academia, administration and the private health sector. Last year's congress in Wagga Wagga proved to be a great success and we're planning for Port Macquarie to be just as good.

The congress theme for 2013 Innovation and Achievement – making the difference in rural health will explore how rural health services, research organisations and associated agencies use innovative solutions to address the health challenges faced by rural people.

We hope to see you in Port Macquarie this spring!

2013 congress program                      click here to register

For more information about the 2013 Congress, contact Craig Hart via email  

Evaluation of Rural Allied Health Assistants (RAHA) Project – Interim Report November 2011

Linked above is the second interim report of the evaluation of the RAHA Project in the Murrumbidgee and Southern NSW Local Health Districts (formerly the Greater Southern Area Health Service). The purpose of the consultancy is to evaluate the ongoing implementation of the RAHA Project against the Outcomes and Key Result Areas for the Project.

The evaluation is undertaken in the light of the experiences of Allied Health Professionals, RAHAs and trainee RAHAs, other relevant MLHD and SNSWLHD staff and associated service providers, including the NSW Riverina Institute of TAFE and other project partners, and from the perspective of the RAHA's clients.

The consultancy also explores the design and implementation of the RAHA Project against the context of the academic and professional literature relating to allied health issues, policy, practice and innovation. The formal evaluation of the RAHA Project is a specified outcome of the project.

The final report is anticipated to be released in the first half of 2013.

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